Natural Dried Meat (Beef)


Real Natural Dried Meat (Beef) 

Why not return to feeding good natural food to your dogs.

Offered in : 15 Kilo Sacks.

This is the original dried meat which your dogs enjoy naturally.

High in natural oil content ( 25% ) to assist in the immune defense system.

Also offering the quality good looking and healthy shiney coat.

Use it as a base feed or mixer or a palatability enhancer, also very useful as a training treat.

Analytical Constituents : Protein 45%, Fat Content 35%, Crude Fibre 4%, Crude Ash 4%.

Store In a cool dry place.

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Natural Dried Meat (Beef)

This is the original feed stock, offering the basic quality feed to keep your dog(s) in tip top condition.

You can feed in conjunction with your normal complete food either wet or dry and adjust the daily feeding quantity accordingly.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Store in a cool dry place.

Analytical Consitituents :  Protein 45% – Fat Content 35% – Crude Fibre 4% – Crude Ash 4%.

Quality Dried Beef  ( Medium Bite ).

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