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"Dry-Bed" Original Fleece  Vet Bedding Fleece / Heavy Duty Non-Slip

"Dry-Bed" Original Fleece Vet Bedding Fleece / Heavy Duty Green Backed

 "Dry-Bed" Original Vet Bedding Fleece / Medium Duty Green Backed

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These are the original "Dry-Bed" Vet Bedding Fleece Heavy Duty Ultimate Quality with the Non-Slip Backing and the Green Backing + the Medium Duty Green Backing.

 All in Mixed lengths to suit any need you may have.  

With a Deep Pile of 28mm – 31mm and a Super Density 1400 grams per sqr metre.

With a Deep Pile of up to 2.5cm (1") and a Full Density 1200 grams per sqr metre, for the Medium Duty Green Backed.

All Fluids Drain through leaving the top pile nice & dry at all times.

Non-Fray / Non-Allergenic / Non-Toxic / Non-Irritant.

Will not support bacterial growth.

Resistant to permanent staining / Machine washable / Can tumble dry.

Ideal uses at home, when traveling, for kennels and catteries alike.

Overall Rating : *****               

Quality Rating : *****

Value Rating   : ***** 

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