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Dry Bed

  "Dry-Bed" Original Vet Bedding Fleece 

  H/Duty : Non-Slip & Green Backed + Medium Duty : Green Backed : Offered in Various Cut Lengths or by the Roll


"Wash Wear Bags"

 To Keep your Washing Machine(s) "Free" from Clogging Up


"Q9" Heavy Duty Replacement Plastic Trays

All Sizes for Dog Cages / Crates


Natural Dried Meat (Beef) 

Available in 5 / 10 & 15 Kilo Sacks for your Dog(s) Regular Feedstock


Misc., Stainless Steel Dog Products

S/Steel Feeding & Drinking Dishes - Dog Breed / Card / Ring Clips - High Stand Twin Feeders - S/Steel Pails

Double Trigger Hooks


Grooming Products

Air Freshners - Sanitisers - Shampoos - Conditioners - Pet Laundry Treatment


Lishinu Retractable Dog Leads

Hands Free or Bunge Type


Now all on a UK "Free Delivery"